Discover Interesting Facts About Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is one of the many types of quartz that make up 12% of the earth’s crust yet the rarest to find. It is found in Kazakhstan, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Madagascar and the US (mostly in areas around mountain ranges) and has many benefits to mankind. The mineral often forms needle-like crystal inclusions in an “imbedded goldish” structure. Rutile needles can be reddish, golden, greenish, silvery or gray.


Rutilated quartz is a rare mineral that is mainly made up of titanium dioxide. One of its most outstanding physical properties is that is has a remarkably high refractive index which makes it to disperse plenty of light more than any other mineral known to mankind. It is a member of the larger quartz family and closely resembles its distant cousins- smoky quartz and rose quartz.

According to a popular Smithsonian publication entitles “Rock and Gem”, the stone took its name from the Latin version of the word red (rutilis). This is typically because the rock is predominantly found in prismatic structures that glow in red.

Rutile quartz can be found within other stones but is easy to distinguish especially due to its vertical striations which are known to exude colourful displays once exposed to the sun.

Also popularly referred to as sagenite or “The Hair of Venus”, this rare quartz crystal can be adorned as jewelry, placed around the house or carried in the pocket.

Some of its interesting properties include:

~How it forms

Forms deep within the Earth’s superhot surfaces in schists, pegmatite dikes and igneous rocks.

~Chemical properties

Composed of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and silicone dioxide (SiO2).


Rutile is a medium hard stone and comes 7th on the Mohs scale. At times it achieves 6 to 6.5 hardness.


Can be found in many color tones but is commonly available in goldish, dark and reddish shades.


Some earth-based faiths claim that rutilated quartz is an energizing stone and can be used to assist with mental focus. Such is the power of rutile that it is believed to help ignite deep love feelings and stabilize relationships. It is also said that it (the stone) can re-energize slowed chakras to return to normal balance.

Further, the rare ore is of great help when it comes to solving mental hang ups. The stone is particularly reputed for its immense benefits in diminishing fears and aiding in faster decision making.

Lonely people are encouraged to have a piece of it around them as it can ease loneliness and bring immense happiness. Metaphysically, the rock comes in handy in helping one get of a rut with their life by clarifying thought patters and stabilizing emotional reactions. People also believe that the mineral can increase one’s self belief and self reliance.

In the spiritual realms, rutile is used for creating spiritual connections especially in terms of meditation, dream work and spiritual communications. People looking for spiritual interventions in their life are encouraged to use rutilated quartz’s psychic powers to obtain higher spiritual experiences.

If evil powers are blocking your path to success, you can take advantage of rutilated quartz metaphysical powers to neutralize their interferences. In particular, the mineral helps you to counter the powers of magic and negative energies.

Medically, the stone is said to cure food disorders, aid in tissue growth, strengthen the immune system, reduce depression, improve respiratory health and facilitate efficient absorption of nutrients from food in the digestive system. In addition, the ore is said to be useful in getting energy moving in meridians and areas where the physical power is sluggish. Its mystical powers are also quite useful in the discovery of the root cause of an illness.


Rutilated quartz has very little historical information available. However, available records show signs of its early usage in the ancient Roman and Greek times. Most accounts state that the ore was initially used an ornamental item before it slowly gained recognition as a form of divination. Legends suggest that rutile was prescribed by French doctors to cure bronchitis.

Being a pearl of wisdom, this sacred stone was passed on to different generations and gradually its usage started spreading across different corners of the world before eventually gaining recognition in America. Scanty records show that the minerals strong powers might have been discovered in North Africa during the historical pharaoh era.

If the available facts about rutile’s usage are anything to go by, then this rare ore has been of benefit to mankind for thousands of years. There is numerous historical data available about its widespread usage in the 14th century as a safety element during wars. According to images published then (14th century), army men wore it alongside their tools of war before going for battles. This was done to perhaps to appeal protect them from the enemy’s bows and arrows.

Gardeners and foresters are also on record for having used this precious stone to protect their products and trade. In ancient North America, native Indian-Americans are believed to have utilized it in the Eleusinian mysteries and ceremonial wands especially in areas around Southern California. Interesting analogies claim that the stone would be fed deer’s blood and kept wrapped in buckskin when not in use to restore its magical powers. In Shamanistic terms, the stone is inseparable with human existence. As such it is utilized in shamanic healing sessions, to unblock blocked energy paths and to rebalance the body.


Peschek-Bohmer (a popular author) in one of his many publications claims that great care on the rock is paramount for safe-keeping of rutile’s strong medicinal, spiritual and metaphysical properties. He suggests you cleanse it under running water twice a month before exposing it to direct sunlight to recharge its powers.


There is absolutely no doubt that rutilated quartz is amazing. Not only is does it boast a strong historical background but its current usage is remarkable. It’s multiplicity of roles and the innuendos associated with its efficacy make it one of the most adorable gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

Healing with Rutilated Quartz

Many people wonder, “How exactly do you heal with a gemstone when it’s just a rock?” This is true, but like with all things it contains an energy. Holistically, our bodies are nothing but energy, and throughout the ups and downs of life, our inner balance can be thrown into many different directions. This disharmony, can be the cause of physical, mental, and emotional illness.

All things have an energy. Trees have an energy, as well as, rocks, and water. Our bodies have energy, as do our emotions. All of these energies interact and affect each other on a daily basis. Gemstones, which have an energy of their own, can affect our bodily energy, providing healing and balance.

Each gemstone has a unique energy. The key to healing with gemstones, is knowing which one is needed, and maintaining an open and receptive mind. Nature is a system, just like our bodies. Each element works together with the other to maintain a balance. Sometimes, these systems can be completely thrown off, requiring our action. Using gemstones is one of the many actions available to us, and it’s natural, and without side-effect.

Placing Rutilated Quartz in our homes provides an energizing energy. Whatever system is sluggish, not functioning properly, or simply not working, Rutilated Quartz, provides the energy needed to get things moving and balanced. You can place it under your pillow, on your dresser, use it as decoration, or keep it with you throughout the day.

On an emotional level, Rutilated Quartz can aid in revealing mental issues and blocks. It increases self-reliance, streamlines your thought processes, increases mental focus, and helps with decision-making. It also helps with depression.

On the spiritual level, it encourages better spiritual experiences, helps with meditation, and oppresses negative energies.

Physically, Rutilated Quartz, stabilizes all systems of the body. It helps exhaustion, food disorders, and the immune system. It aids in regenerating tissue and nutrient absorption.

If you need to get things moving, whether that be your body, mind, or soul, Rutilated Quartz, has the energy to help.

Another way to heal with Rutilated Quartz, is to use it in a laying on of stones. This process clears negative energy, balances chakras, and brings emotional release. In this process there is a healer and a receiver, the healer should be practiced, and the receiver should be open and relaxed. This process includes the receiver laying down in a comfortable space, and having gemstones or clear quartz crystals, placed on his/her body from head to foot. This experience can be profound, due to the movement of energies, so be prepared for emotional releases and responses. The healer should not judge, and should be silent during this response. The receiver should not stifle the reaction, allowing it to flow and be released.

Rutilated Quartz can help you bring stability to your mental processes, physical body, and emotional responses. It may seem a little weird at first, but as long as you are open to the energy and its effect on your energy, it can bring a much needed balance to you and your home.

Drusy Quartz: What’s That Wonder Gem?

They say all that glitters is not gold. It certainly is true when it comes to drusy quartz! What’s that? Well, speaking in terms of mineralogy, druse is the crystal coating on the surface of a gemstone, developed naturally over the course of many years, collected while mining for precious elements. Ranging from coarse, distinctly formed and elegant granules to a sugar-like, velvety appearance, these tiny crystals lend a unique beauty to any gem. While they may develop on agates or other minerals, the most common of these formations occur in quartz and are most popular because of its durability, affordability and easy availability( nearly 12% of the earth’s crust is made of quartz). What fascinates us about this elemental wonder is its sparkle and range of color, its varied uses and its potential to be crafted into gorgeous and diverse shapes.

This brings us to the many uses of this delicate gem. It is perfect for crafting into pendants, earrings and brooches. Because it is inexpensive, jewelry makers and clients have the luxury to solely let its beauty be the prerogative while making a choice of purchase! Taking into consideration the factors of size (which may be variable) and the shade of the piece, these are available within the price range of a $15 to $600. Compare this to the prices of precious jewels and metals and you have quite a bargain. What often dictates the demand and therefore the price of these valuables is their craftsmanship, their texture and pattern, the level of drusy overlay and the quality of the crystal itself. They can often be dyed to enhance their appearance. There might also be varieties where a titanium coating exists to enhance the gloss. It’s not difficult to imagine why this has become a paradise for a jewelry maker and a creative mind. Underrated though it may be, it could easily give competition to high-end expensive metals in terms of finesse and creative potential.Drusy Quartz

But hold on! That isn’t all. Quartz is regular raw chemical material in the production of cements, glass, appliances like watches, computers and radios and supports the industries of porcelain and abrasives among others. Now coming onto the most fascinating of its qualities, drusy quartz has the magical ability to rejuvenate and stabilize one’s body and spirit and add an element of creativity to one’s realm. Not associated with any particular horoscopic sign, this gem can become an asset towards spiritual healing. Truly rewarding for peaceful meditation, it gives one the strength to ascend beyond all odds and emerge as a more blissful persona, free of stress or needless negativity. Forget those imbalances that drag you down.. Accepting this gift in your life will give you the peace of mind that you’ve always desired. For those who want their lives to be on an upward spiral, for those who want the medical benefits of this element, for those who want to be fit, this is a must-have.

These gemstones can be cleaned using either mild chemical cleaners or through mechanical methods: mostly this is to avoid or remove iron staining and mineral coating, if any.